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A Call to Consider: Inclusive and Accessible Memebership

At meeting #115, we heard from the wonderful Emily Kate Harman about her story and journey thus far living with a disability. We also decided to push forward with a new project idea as a result of Emily’s Presentation. 
Thank you, Emily, for showing us a glimpse into you.

Emily called our club to action and concluded with the following points:

We need to consider…

1. Broaden our understanding of special need as well as, the NDIS.

2. If the venue was ever a barrier for anyone’s attendance at a meeting, change venue we meet at.

3. Involving different groups and organise that work with young people with disabilities.

4. She wants more young people with more barriers to be given the opportunity to experience Rotary…. promote opportunities. How can we do this?

5. Don’t discount someone because of the perceived negative/barrier.

6. Focus on the ability of someone.

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