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What is Rotaract?

About Rotaract

Salisbury City Rotaract Club Inc., is a part of the global organisation that is known as Rotaract. Rotaract empowers young people between 18 and 30 years of age to create positive change in their local communities and around the world. It is Rotary for youth and is great way to develop yourself whilst helping others and making friends that will last a lifetime! We are still young club and need you to help create change that we want to see the world!

Come as You Are & Give What You Can! - Michael McQueen

Our members work together to plan, create and run projects for a variety of causes that are decided upon by the club. Members are able to help and give back to the local community and professionally develop themselves same time. Our club understands youth these day are busy and have a lot on their plates… that is why involvement is completely flexible and we only ask our members to commit what they can.  Meaning members can fit their participation around their busy schedules and choose their level of commitment, enabling them to work on projects that interest them and make a social connection with members and community members and other community groups..

Our Club

Our club established in September of 2013, shortly after RYLA 9500, where several key players meet and took on the responsibility of chartering the Salisbury City Rotaract Club. We officially charted under President Christopher Mark on the 8th of August 2014, with our official establishment date being 14 February 2014. This was a big achievement and something that our Rotary Club Sponsor, Rotary Club of Salisbury (SA) had been working on for some time and was quiet proud of. We have an ever growing member population of 25 and have a strong relationship with the Rotary Club of Salisbury and the other club’s of the Group4 within District 9500. Our members are active with the local and wider communities and have a passion for helping and making change wherever they can. They lead busy lives and are passionate volunteers.