Office Bearears

Office Bearers

The following members are currently or have been serving as Office Bearers of Salisbury City Rotaract Club inc. We thank those who undertake these roles, without you and your hard work, the club could not as run smoothly as it does.



2016/17 Theme





Benjamin Ryder, President

Joshua Lay, Vice President

Damien Walker, Secretary

Andrew Bruce Chapman, Treasurer

Ashlee Evans, Immediate Past President and Club Representative for The District Committee

Dilli Ram Dhakal, Group 4 Representative

Bianca Kerry, Professional Development Coordinator

Kaz Bahmanzadah, Service Project Coordinator

Christopher Mark, Member Coordinator







Ashlee Evans, President

Benjamin Ryder, Vice President

Damien Walker, Secretary

Joshua Lay, Treasurer

Christopher Mark, Immediate Past President

Bruce Chapman, District Club Representative

Michael Skelton, Group4 Representative

Maria Hull, Service  Project Coordinator

Abigail Davey, Member Coordinator

Bianca Bilsborow, Professional Development Coordinator






Christopher Mark, President

Ashlee Evans, Vice President

Faye Gough, Secretary

Damien Walker, Committee Member - Assistant Secretary/Web Master

Joshua Lay, Treasurer

Benjamin Ryder,  Committee Member

Bruce Chapman, Committee Member - District Club Representative

Michael Skelton, Committee Member  - Group4 Representative