Christmas Lunch

Every year since our formation as a Rotaract Club, in partnership with the Parafield Gardens Community Club, we have helped organise a free community Christmas Day lunch at ‘The Club’ for those who may not have one to go to on a day as special a Christmas Day.

The cause was presented to us in 2013 and was one of our group’s first projects in which we undertook. It is something that is close to our hearts and something we take great pride in being a part of. While the driving factor is to provide a welcoming place for those who would have gone without otherwise, we also have members of the community who come along because they are after something a little different, which just goes to show that this is truly an all-inclusive event.

It is a fantastic experience to be a part of, witnessing the joy that unfolds on the day, people mingling with others who they may not have had the opportunity to do so outside of the event and witnessing friendships being formed. Not only is everything catered for free of charge, the children on the day also receive a present donated by members of the community, which is handed out by Santa himself! This event couldn’t be possible without the generosity of Parafield Gardens Community Club, the volunteers on the day and the members of the community who help out Santa by donating presents. It truly captures the spirit of the day and is hard not to be swept up by it all.

We look forward to future lunches to come.

Written By Christopher Mark (Event Chair, 2015 & 2016)

Current Event Chair: Damien Walker (Ph. 0423 914 675)

See here more information about this year’s event. 

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Parafield Gardens Community Club

ABOUT THEM: The Parafield Garden Community Club – ‘The Club’ is a local entertainment and dining venue. They are well known in the Salisbury Community and wider for the high-quality food and service. The Club has been partnering with our Club since establishment and we held our Charter Night there and continue to hold all our Changeovers at this venue. The Club has strong connections with the local area and is a great support to us and many community groups.


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