Diverse Inclusive Group 4

Last night, we were lucky enough to host The Group Intercity Dinner joining with members from the 6 Rotary Clubs. We focused on the theme, DIVERSE INCLUSIVE.

The theme was introduced by President Damien Walker who set the scene and provided a context for change – valuing those who walk before us and listening to the young people, collaborating together. Then, District Governor

David Charles Egan spoke of ‘Change’ and how Rotary has some challenges to face to ensure its survival.

Rick Henke JP, Past President of Salisbury Rotary followed on with the history of Rotaract and the formation of Salisbury City Rotaract Club – setting a context for why Rotaract is important to the RC Salisbury members.

Our President continued the theme and then invited Charter President Christopher Mark, and four other members to speak on and address the topic of Rotary in the future.

Last year’s District Governor Peter Schaeffer presented Immediate Past President Joshua Lay with the 2017-2018 Rotaract Club of the year award for Rotary 9500.

We thank Donna and the Team at the Salisbury Hotel for the wonderful food and the service. You made it an excellent night.

We will be publishing all the speeches from this meeting on our website in the coming days.

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