Diversity From My Perspective – Christopher Mark

Inspired by Diversity; Promoting Acceptance…

Coming from a multicultural background, diversity has played a big part in my life whether I noticed it or not. It has allowed me to see the world through different lenses but my view has always remained the same. One must be judged by their character, nothing else.

One thing that makes me proud to be an Australian is it’s multiculturalism and how its diverse community members have contributed to society. I am greatly proud of my heritage and see it as a crucial part of my identity. The sacrifices my family have made and their survival story inspires me to give back and I am ever grateful to be able to do so.

Diversity to me means breaking down barriers through inclusion and understanding. It is about remembering that we all have dreams and aspirations and that we have more in common than what we may think divides us.

– Christopher Mark

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