Project: Opportunity

Salisbury City Rotaract Club Inc. is inspired by diversity. We are working to engage young people from diverse communities by providing accessible opportunities to experience new things, learn and develop. We seek to create a platform for young people to find accessible and inclusive programs and events in the City of Salisbury and surrounding northern areas.

We aim to provide access for these communities to connect with accessible and inclusive programs. For the launch of this project our focus communities will be;

  • LGBTQI+,
  • Women,
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People, and
  • People living with physical and intellectual disabilities.

In the future we look to expand our reach to;

  • Offering translated versions of this website,
  • A visually accessible website,
  • Using assisted technology to enable audio translation, and
  • Community Grants information.

If you will like to reach out and be apart of this project please contact us.

What’s Happening With This Project