RYLA & Our Members

RYLA 9500 & Our Members

Members Who Have Been Awardees

The following members took up the challenge to develop themselves not only as a leader but as a whole person through RYLA. They accepted the challenge to be extraordinary.

2016 / Bruce (Andrew) Chapman, Emily Harman, Robert Hedley & Benjamin Ryder

2015 / Qasem (Kaz) Bahmanzadah, Jordan Fisher & Thomas Hopgood. 

2014 / Bianca Bilsborow, Abigail Davey (attended RYPEN 9500 in 2012), Cody Davies, Maria Hull (attended in 9520), Cameron Rowe, James Trevilyan & Damien Walker (attended RYPEN 9500 in 2012).

2013 / Dilli Ram Dhakal, Ashlee Evans, Christopher Mark & Joshua Lay

2012 / Chelsea Hind

2011 / Michael Skelton


Members Who Have Been Team Leaders

The following members have been selected and attended RYLA and or RYPEN as team leaders, some have team lead and also coordinated the programs, They have accepted a mentoring role and are keen to help develop others within the community.

Chelsea Hind (2013) 

Dilli Ram Dhakal (2014)

Damien Walker (2015 - Present) *Coordinator RYPEN 2016-2018, RYLA 2017 & Team Leader 2015, 2018

Thomas Hopgood (2016 - Present)

Kaz Bahmanzadah (2016 - Present) *Coordinator RYLA 2018

Bruce (Andrew) Chapman (2017- Present)

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