Sponsored Awardees

Sponsored Awardees

Salisbury City Rotaract Club inc. have a strong focus on personal and professional development. This is why we make a point of sponsoring at least one young person every time RYLA comes around each year. We are able to do this through the support of our local member of Parliament, Minister Zoe Bettison, who provides the financial support need to cover the cost of this. We thank Zoe Bettison for her support since 2015 in this project and one that is very important to our club.

We have sponsored the following young people to be awardees for RYLA District 9500...


Robert Hedley (2016)

Robert Hedley

"Thank you for sponsoring me to attend RYLA! Before RYLA I was incredibly shy and had trouble talking and interacting with people. Through my RYLA experience, I have learnt skills to help me with this, I have also gained so much confidence in myself - who I am and my abilities. My favourite part was when i had an emotional breakdown in front of everyone. It was at this moment, I knew that the people in this room weren't just friends, they were special people, much like family. They all helped me throughout the week and I am grateful for the experience."


Lee Schultz (2016)

Lee Schultz

"I cannot thank you enough for the RYLA experience you have allowed me to be apart of. I have become a much stronger person as a profession and personal. I have learnt about my views (values) in life and how they make me. I look forward to working with you in the future."




Olivia De Palma (2015)

Olivia De Palma

"Thank you for sponsoring me for RYLA. I have been having a difficult time and RYLA has been an exceptional journey for me, I have met so many wonderful people who are now considered family to me. I have learnt a lot about setting goals and time management. I am proud of how much I have developed my public speaking skills and self-confidence."